Okla. CattleWoman of the Year Named

Republished with permission of the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

By Roseanne McKee

Norita Martin has been named Oklahoma CattleWoman of the Year by the Oklahoma CattleWomen’s Association. The award was announced on July 20 in Norman at the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s annual Convention and Trade Show.

The Oklahoma Cattlewoman of the Year was recognition for being a spokesperson for the beef industry through many forms of leadership in beef advocacy. As a member of the American National CattleWomen, Martin has participated in state, regional, and national meetings developing beef promotion programs.

“I strive to encourage adults and youth programs to take part in the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program and the Beef Quality Assurance Program, which are both excellent free education opportunities. To assist with a national beef promotion project, I organized members to participate in customer discussions at a large grocery store over a period of six sessions for one of two locations in Oklahoma. As well as developing beef education booths for county and state events , I encourage our local association to develop new programs to support youth education in various areas of agriculture,” said Martin.

Martin and her husband, Russell, own Double M Farms, a cow calf operation located between Copan and Wann with pastures in Nowata and Montgomery Counties.
“It is a true honor to receive the Oklahoma CattleWoman of the Year Award, but I feel this honor is shared with the members of our organization, especially the team in our county,” Martin said. “In Washington County we work together to promote beef, youth and agriculture. It’s a wonderful, supportive group of friends of which I feel so privileged to enjoy.”

Martin is also serving a two-year term as vice president of the Washington County CattleWomen, which she has been a member of for 20 years or more.

Martin’s family has been in cattle ranching for over 100 years.

“My siblings and I each own a part of the ranch that was started by my Lucas grandparents in about 1917,” she said. “My grandparents raised registered Hereford cattle, but my father was a commercial herd man when he took over the ranch. My parents also owned the Dewey Livestock Auction at two different locations.”

Martin grew up in Copan where she was active in 4-H Club. A recipient of the state 4-H Santa Fe Leadership Scholarship and the Oklahoma 4-H Danforth Award, Martin graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in Voc Home Economics. She earned a master’s degree in Home Economics from the University of Missouri.

During her career, she worked as a home economist for Texas Agriculture Extension, as a home economics teacher in Bixby and Broken Arrow and as a social worker for the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services.
“Since retiring [eight years ago] I have been a gate opener, cow counter, cattle sorter, and anything else you can do on foot. We have some part-time help for feeding, haying, and gathering cattle — so then my main job is camp cook and bookkeeper,” Martin said.

Martin and her husband moved to their ranch 25 years ago, where they first raised registered Simmental cattle.

“After the kids went to college, we gradually shifted to a commercial herd,” she said.

The Washington County CattleWomen meet the fourth Monday of at least ten months of the year and membership is five dollars.

Most meetings are at 11:30 a.m. at on of the area restaurants. Watch for meeting announcements in the news.

For more information on them, follow the Washington County CattleWomen on their Facebook page.

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