Osage Nation’s Mobile Museum


Press Release by Hallie Winter, Osage Nation Museum Curator

Pawhuska, OK—The Osage Nation Museum is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Mobile Museum.  In honor of Native American Heritage month the Osage Nation Museum has a traveling exhibit of items from our permanent collection displayed in the Osage Nation Child Care’s Resource on Wheels van.  Last year the Mobile Museum made stops at the public libraries in Osage County.  This year the Mobile Museum will again travel throughout Osage County to offer a glimpse of what our museum has to offer to students in grades K-12.  Since the mobile museum is being made part of the school day curriculum, these events are not open to the general public. 

Working closely with the Osage Nation’s Education Department, the ONM staff utilized the school advocates to set up a schedule to travel to each school in Osage County.  A part of the ONM’s mission is to create “educational programs that nurture creativity and encourage active learning.”  The Mobile Museum is one such program that the ONM is excited to be continuing for its second year.

Hallie Winter, Curator at the Osage Nation Museum said, “Education of the public about Osage history and culture is very important to us here at the ONM.  What better place to start than with the youth in our community.  By traveling to the Osage county schools the ONM is able to reach a large audience of children in grades K-12.  It is our hope that they will learn about the Osage Nation during their visit to the Mobile Museum and in doing so will tell their parents about it and we will begin to see more families come into the ONM in Pawhuska.  We have chosen Native American Heritage month to accompany the curriculum and other Native American Heritage events that the schools may have planned.  This is an important month for Native culture and we are proud to do our part.”

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